Lynn brings courage, compassion, consistency and commitment to the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney.



Since 2007, Lynn has served as the chief prosecutor for all felony criminal cases in Christian County. Her goals when taking office were to restore integrity in the office, to be a staunch advocate for victims of crime, and to repair the working relationship between Christian County's law enforcement officers and prosecutors. Over the past twelve years, tremendous strides have been made in all respects. 

Nearly ten thousand cases have been prosecuted by the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney between 2007 and 2018. While the landscape of the criminal justice system has changed dramatically during this time, Lynn's team has adapted to technological advances, increases in violent crime, and laws that have been modified. 

Understanding that the Commonwealth of Kentucky has placed emphasis on the need treatment for those who suffer from drug addiction, Lynn partnered with the County Attorney's Office to implement the Rocket Docket program. This program allows those people charged with drug related offenses to move their cases along more quickly, so that they can access the treatment they need more expeditiously. Lynn has also participated in the Adult Drug Court, a very effective treatment option, since its inception. Both programs celebrate great success and savings for the Commonwealth. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Lynn saw a critical need for a team of law enforcement officers focused on the drug trade and violent crimes that threaten the safety of the citizens of Christian County. Spearheading the collaborative effort between federal, state and local agencies, Lynn serves as the chair for the Hopkinsville Christian County Drug and Violent Crimes Strike Force. The Strike Force coordinates efforts of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms with the Kentucky State Police, the Hopkinsville Police Department and the Christian County Sheriff's Office. During the first few years of Strike Force efforts, they have demonstrated great success in curtailing the drug trade, gun crimes and violence that are often carried out by the same criminals. 

Lynn has been asked to testify before the House and Senate Judiciary Committees several times on bills that affect the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She has been especially active in trying to strengthen local gang laws and to bring Kentucky into compliance with the Adam Walsh Act as it prohibits the distribution of child pornography. Bills regarding both issues were passed in the 2018 General Assembly.

As you can see on the website for the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, Lynn and her team stay busy prosecuting felony crimes. There have been over forty homicide cases prosecuted in the last twelve years in Christian County, in addition to hundreds of sexual offenses, robberies, burglaries, and other serious offenses. The website for the office,, includes information about the trials, guilty pleas and sentences imposed on all of the cases handled since 2007. Transparency is of great importance Lynn as she heads up the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney.  



From time to time, a prosecutor is recused from cases involving family members or someone with whom they have a conflict or a work relationship. When that happens, a special prosecutor has to be appointed. 

When a special prosecutor has to be appointed to a case in Christian County, Lynn tries to reciprocate and offer to act as special prosecutor whenever neighboring prosecutors need assistance. She has prosecuted cases in Marshall, Logan, McCracken, Todd, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, and other counties. Lynn currently handles approximately twenty special prosecution cases in other counties, in addition to her substantial caseload in Christian County.